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3D Printing Resins Designed for the Best Results

Standard Resin

Standart Resin is perfect for concept modeling and general purpose prototyping. It offers great surface quality and a high level of detail. The ability to create fine features and its low cost makes it ideal for visual modeling and rapid prototyping applications.

Applications: Prototyping, Visual models, Concept models 

Clear Resin

Clear resin is suitable for parts that need to be transparent or translucent such as lighting and lenses, fluid flow visualization models, and transparent assemblies. It is ideal to show internal details. Clear resin is great for models and prototypes requiring clarity with high quality and smooth surface finish.

Applications: Transparent prototypes, Translucent models 

Engineering Resin

Engineering Resin is perfect for producing functional prototypes and rigid test parts that are durable and long lasting. It is designed to withstand high temperatures. This resin offers high quality, accurate and tough parts that need to withstand loads and perform under stress.

Applications: Functional prototypes, Mold masters

Hard Resin

Hard resin was developed to produce high-quality and durable parts that can be used in silicone mold making. Thanks to its surface finish quality and durability, this resin offers rigid and detailed models with smooth surfaces.

Applications: Shoe sole models, Functional parts

Dental Model Resin

Dental model resin was developed to create high-precision dental models with an exceptional surface finish. It is an accurate material for crown and bridge model making and clear aligner production. This resin allows you to print clean dental models with high visual details.

Applications: Dental study model, Crown&bridge models, Orthodontic models

Castable Resin

Castable Resin was developed for the high-quality printing of castable jewelry models. This resin offers extraordinary details and a smooth surface finish, along with zero ash residue and the clean burnout that delivers flawless casting. It is ideal for jewelry parts with thin patterns and sophisticated geometries.

Applications: Jewelry casting, Filigree Jewelry

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