The Journey of Creating MASITTE

It’s amazing what 3D printer can print. However, we’ve all had those infuriating moments when, despite everything, a seemingly simple a model just refuses to print successfully.

There are a lot of done in the industry over the last few years, but unfortunately, there isn’t any budget-friendly desktop laser SLA option for creators.

Well, not anymore. 

Our story with 3D Printing starts back in 2014. Our founder Fatih was a 21-year-old mechatronics engineering student and started to use the very first FDM 3D Printer at his school. 

Fatih was always interested in creating, making and as he worked with the printer, he wondered if he could create one himself. So as a hobby project, he decided to create his first-ever FDM 3D Printer out of wood.

Interesting right? Well, that model got some serious attention back in 2014, and he was encouraged to create a more durable printer. Fatih took the challenge and after taking this to his classmate Emrah they ended up creating “LadyBug“.

After graduation and working for two-plus years with 3D printing on the side, Fatih and Emrah realized their passion and decided to do it full-time and create the 3D printer they always wanted. They moved to Shenzen, China capital of 3D printer manufacturing.

Once they were in China, they had access to a variety of manufacturing and different resources, and after a lot of hard work, the very first prototype of MASITTE was ready in 2019.

Believe us… it wasn’t easy to make Masitte.

After making the first prototype there were three other prototypes with different functions and designs.

Here is the prototype timeline:

Early 2019

First prototype where the Z-axis was fully stable 

Late 2019

After changing the design by putting Z-axis operation below

Early 2020

After making some adjustments, adding the lid, changing the outer case 

Mid 2021

Final Designed Lid, it goes inside and slides through the printer 

Finally, everything was ready, and after a lot of testing, we were done! We had a fully functioning Laser SLA 3D printer, ready for launching on Kickstarter.

Early 2020 everything stopped. 🦠 😷 🦠

Of course… Like it was for everyone else on the planet, the pandemic’s timing was terrible! We were about to do our project; however, we weren’t sure how it would go during a pandemic… So, we waited. We didn’t know the what we would learn thanks to this wait.

What happened during Covid Time?

So when Covid started since everything stopped our decision was to pivot and build couple more printers to sell individually.

We thought our product was ready fully functioning..

Until we received the very first feedback from individuals who received our 3D Printer.

Our problems were small, but they were still a problem, cooperation and feedback from those first few customers are priceless. We can’t thank them enough! They allowed us to test our printers in different environments, for different models, with different resins, and different business practices.

Being 100% honest, if it wasn’t for Covid and we had launched our Kickstarter with these problems, there’s a good chance a substantial portion of our early adopters would have been disappointed in their printers. Just like many other kickstarter projects that make it with zero manufacturing skills only with one not functioning prototype to shoot video with, on the other hand, we have our existing clients that use the 3D printers we custom made for them and we perfected for their needs.

So luckily, with the help of our first users, we managed to incorporate new technology which makes our printer adapt and work well in different environments (humidity, room temperature, different seasons… These are all different factors we had to address.) 

We also performed calibrations and resin tests for a wide variety of industries.

The biggest issue our clients faced was the print failures. Prints that get broken, support that dont hold many of misprints.

Resin is a big factor, but we realized that the main reason failed prints would happen was because of the FEP films would stick onto the glass on the bottom which would result in very strong pulling and high sticking between new layer pulling to the up to be printed. We were getting noisy pulling and breakings aka failed prints. This is still a huge problem that 90% of the desktop resin printers don’t have a solution for.

Fortunately, our engineering was able to come out with Reduced Separation technology that is unique to our 3D printers that avoids the print failures.

Below you can see how did we came up with every model we have.

Masitte Plus

We did the necessary calibrations and adjustments, it was sent to a small company that uses to get 3D printed parts to test before going production, after getting expected results with high accuracy Masitte Plus was ready.

Dental usage in 3D printing is huge, because of the demand, high accuracy, and detail requirements, we created MASITTE Dent, 3D printer that is specifically created for the needs of an orthodontist or a dental lab.

Masitte Dent

Masitte Large

The last model we made was born from the demand of shoe sole manufacturers. Industrial laser SLA printers are very expensive for their industry and the cheap LCD 3D printers was a huge headache with less accuracy and success rate. Masitte Large took the place of their msla printers helps them to get industrial laser-quality prints without any issues..

So that’s our story, and how we ended up with three models for different industries, variety of applications.. 

Hopefully, we’ve shown that we can be the solution you need as you’ve read about our dedicated journey to get to this point. And because of early adopters like you, you’re making it possible for us to create a 3D printer brand that can keep coming up with needed solutions. As young creators working on this as a side project for the last six years, we’ve come a long way to deliver the solution you need. But there’s still much more to accomplish.

So your role by believing us and our proven product is big. If you didn’t join our Facebook Group yet use the link below to join. Follow us on our Kickstarter Page to get notified first when we launch!

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See you soon…

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