Masitte Dent

Powerful and affordable laser SLA 3D printer for dental applications

Masitte Dent is a accurate, user-friendly and low-cost desktop laser SLA 3D printer developed for different dental applications. It allows you to produce your dental parts with high resolution and accuracy.

Designed for the Best Results

All-Metal Body

Masitte Dental is made entirely of metal to provide a high-quality and reliable three-dimensional printing experience. All the aluminum parts used in the chassis are processed using either laser or CNC to guarantee quality and precision. Furthermore, it features a durable and solid structural integrity thanks to its all-metal structure.

Powerful Optical System

Masitte Dental controls the laser scanning system with its 168 MHz high-speed processor, giving you the best results. It uses a powerful ultraviolet laser in combination with a stable galvo-mirror system and quartz glass with high ultraviolet transmission for flawless prints. The beam emitted from this durable ultraviolet laser with a working life of more than 10,000 hours is controlled by precise and high-speed mirror galvanometers. The finest printing detail is possible with this stable ultraviolet laser system.

​Stable Motion System

The printing resolution of laser SLA 3D printers is directly related to the minimum amount of movement in the X, Y, and Z axes. Masitte Dental achieves an impressive XY resolution of 25 microns thanks to its high-precision laser system. Along with the linear ball rail-carriage motion system operating with high-precision and accuracy, the resolution in the Z-axis is 10 microns. Masitte Dental delivers smooth and detailed models with high resolution in each axis.

​Small Laser Spot Size

Print quality in SLA technology is a combination of laser spot size and laser beam control. Masitte Dental works with an ultraviolet laser with a spot size of 80 microns (0.08 mm). This is approximately twice the size of a human hair. With Masitte Dental, you can print almost as close to the diameter of a human hair. If you’re looking for precision, Masitte Dental is your best bet for dental applications.

Optimized for Dental Applications

Optimized for dental applications and powered by laser SLA technology, Masitte Dent enables you to produce dental study model, orthodontic models, crown and bridges models with accurate, precision and low cost.

Easy-to-Use Hardware

Build Platform

The build platform is made of aluminum and equipped with metal springs. Thus, it can be calibrated easily if necessary. Thanks to its solid structure, the build platform allows you to get the same result in every print. In addition, a convenient feature is that it can be quickly removed and installed thanks to its adjustment screw.

Resin Tank

The resin tank is the component in which liquid resin is kept. There is a transparent, thin FEP film mounted on the bottom of the tank. Masitte Dental’s resin tank is made of aluminum, which is long-lasting and can be easily installed or removed. Thus, it can be easily cleaned, and the FEP film can be easily replaced.


Masitte Dental can be easily controlled using its 4.3" touchscreen. You can control the printing and laser operations through the touchscreen. You can monitor your print simultaneously by seeing the displayed information, such as time and layer numbers, while printing. Masitte Dental makes 3D printing easy, fast, and convenient for both beginners and professionals with its simple user interface.

Compact and Iconic Design

Masitte Dent sets itself apart from its counterparts with its design. In standard desktop dental printers, you will find that the motion system is fixed on the upper part of the body. Masitte Dent, however, is a unique and compact device that takes up less space, as its motion system and all other system components are designed under a single chassis.

High-Quality Dental 3D Printing

Accurate Prints

The powerful laser along with the compact system of lense and mirror in Masitte Dental delivers UV light evenly across the build surface for accurate prints every time. Masitte Dental 3D printer consistently prints accurate and precise parts, allowing a perfect fit for every dental application.

Smooth Surfaces

Industrial-quality components used in Masitte Dental guarantee incredible surface finish. Laser SLA 3D printing technology along with the aluminum resin tank equipped with special quartz glass offers consistently flawless and smooth surfaces. The outstanding surface quality of the printed models adds efficiency to the production of dental parts.

Industrial-Quality Precision

Masitte Dental is made for dental applications where high precision is needed. The 25 microns XY resolution and 80 microns laser spot size brings industrial-quality precision to Masitte Dental. Print complex and delicate features with superior precision to produce high-quality dental models. Masitte Dental helps you to improve your dental production quality.

Basit Üretim İş Akışı

SLA 3B baskı teknolojisi, dişçilik endüstrisinin şeklini değiştiriyor. Baskıdan son işlemeye kadar Masitte, dental uygulamalar için güvenilir bir üretim iş akışı sunar.


Ağız içi veya masaüstü 3B tarayıcı aracılığıyla hasta anatomisini dijital olarak toplayın.


Dental modelleri tasarlamak için tarama verilerini dental CAD yazılımına aktarın ve ardından CAD dosyalarını STL'ye dönüştürün.


STL dosyalarını baskı hazırlığı için Masitte Slicer yazılımına aktarın. Yazdırmaya başlamak için STL dosyasını SD Karta kaydedin.


Dental uygulamanızda yüksek kaliteli sonuçlar elde etmek için yazdırılmış parçaları yıkayın, kurutun ve kürlemeye bırakın.

Dental Resins

The Masitte Dent comes with two different types of dental resins. The resins include dental model and dental castable. Masitte dental resins are 3D printing materials designed for dental applications.


The range of dental materials, advanced 3D printing technology and powerful software are transforming dental workflows, enabling dental labs and clinics to produce dental study models, orthodontic models, clear aligners, crowns and bridges with high-speed, precision, efficiency and lower cost.

Dental Study Model

Crown&Bridge Models

Orthodontic Models

Clear Aligner Models

User-Friendly Slicer Software

Masitte Dental's easy-to-use software is designed to give you the best printing experience possible. It allows you to quickly import and print your own models with ease.

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Technical Specifications



Physical Dimensions

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