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Laser SLA 3D Printers

Launching Soon

We built Masitte, a never-before-seen laser SLA 3D printer, which comes at a great price point. To save your spot to receive this amazing printer when it launches, be sure to subscribe to our super early bird mailing list before our launch. You can do so by joining our newsletter!

    Launching Soon

    Masitte Laser SLA 3D Printers are high resolution printers, designed for quality and user friendliness. With its compact and unique design, we offer you best results. Be part of the innovation that leads the way.

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      Masitte Mini

      Masitte Plus

      Masitte Large

      Masitte Dental

      Powerful and affordable laser SLA 3D printer for dental applications


      3D printing supports a wide range of industries, including engineering, architecture, dentistry, jewelry, and more. Masitte empowers your business through the innovative applications of 3D printing.


      Masitte offers a wide array of resins, including standard, dental, castable, engineering, and more. You can choose the ideal resins for your applications and produce high-quality parts.

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