3D Printing for Dental

SLA 3D printing technology enables you to create accurate and consistent parts for your dental applications. Produce accurate and precise dental parts such as a crown, bridge, and orthodontic models with superior surface quality. Expand your capabilities with digital dentistry.

Dental Study Models

With SLA technology, it is possible to print accurate and consistent dental study models for dental professionals. Dental study models are used as a diagnostic tool for the dentist to evaluate and create a treatment plan. Also, the printed dental model is very useful for patient education, allowing them to visualize the treatment process. Thus, it allows patients to accept any proposed treatment plan easier. Thanks to Masitte Dental, you can fabricate physical, beautiful models for patient presentation in a matter of hours.

Crown&Bridge Models

Crowns and bridges are an important part of many restorative dental cases. Models that include crown and bridges must be especially accurate and precise so that restorations can be designed and placed properly for each patient. Crown or bridge models can show any potential problems ahead of time as well as give your patients a chance to see the final restoration for their approval. Masitte Dental produces high accuracy crown and bridge models to provide the best in care to your patients for an affordable price.

Orthodontic Models

SLA 3D printing is ideal for creating orthodontic models. These accurate and precise models can be used to produce orthodontic appliances, such as clear aligners and retainers. Orthodontic appliance manufacturing is a laborious process that requires expertise to properly complete with optimal results. Masitte Dental decreases costs, workloads and human errors as well as increasing accuracy, precision and efficiency by automating the dental model manufacturing process with SLA 3D printing.

Clear Aligner Models

Clear aligner treatment is an orthodontic application requiring personalized treatment besides a long and trying process. As digital dentistry become increasingly affordable and efficient, orthodontists and dentists can now produce clear aligner models. Producing clear aligner models with Masitte Dental 3D printer saves money, offers faster turnaround times, and guarantees high-quality models with excellent surface finish. Dental and orthodontic labs now can produce clear aligner models with little initial investment.

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Clear Aligner Workflow

SLA 3D printing technology is changing the shape of the dental industry. From print to post processing, Masitte offers a reliable workflow to produce and finish the clear aligners.


Collect patient anatomy digitally via intraoral scanner or scan a physical model using a desktop scanner.


Import the scan data into dental CAD software to design models and plan tooth movements, then convert CAD files to STL.


Import STL files into Masitte Slicer software for print preparation. Send the STL file over to the SD Card to start printing.

Prepare&Post Process

Wash, dry, and post-cure printed parts to prepare them for the thermoforming phase.


Thermoform the clear aligners over the 3D printed models using a thermoforming machine.


Cut the excess film around the aligner, smooth all its rough edges, and do the final polishing.